An advanced technological platform

The newly developed GC-UV technology enables the analysis of gases of more than 100,000 different substances. In order to increase the analysis sensitivity, different and subject-specific collection methodologies are used, which means that the sensitivity increases by 100–1000 times. Being able to analyze and determine the content of gas, air and liquid is now of great importance. The system enables a breakthrough for medical diagnostics and how medicines are developed.

gas chromatograph

Easier, cheaper and better drug discovery through UV-spectrometry

Labio's system combines UV spectrometry with gas chromatographs. This makes the systems 70% cheaper than today's chemical analysis. Labio can therefore offer end-customers the ability to perform both quantitative and qualitative chemical analysis at a fraction of the cost in one complete system. 


We make change - qualitative analysis

We at Labio Medical want to give new and better conditions for drug development where our know-how in chromatography and our IP-rights matters. Our primary focus is (1) to be able to detect and diagnose diseases with the help of our partners but also (2) making better precision medicine and follow-up through our technology and method, (3) for general chemical analysis and (4) drug development.