General chemical analysis

We offer quantitative and qualitative chemical analysis near the sampling site quickly and cost-effectively. Our ambition is to, in addition to our focus on medical diagnostics, also be able to offer our customers permanent analysis services. 

Our primary analysis instrument, CHROM GC-UV can perform chemical analysis and can therefore be used stationary for customers who wish to perform - PIONA analysis, water, air, soil, blood and other general chemical analysis.  The instrument can be used to analyze small amounts of complex samples containing drug substances, peptides, proteins, amino acids, carbohydrates, pesticides and flame retardants to name a few. The newly developed GC-UV the technology enables the analysis of gases of more than 100,000 different substances. 


Medical diagnostics (gas)

Labio Medical AB was formed based on science research that the exhaled air contains gas and also diseases. We were also aware of the complexity of diagnosing exhaled air. 

The system is reliable and can be used in industrial environments and in clinics and laboratories. The system performs chemical analysis in real time. By combining gas chromatography with UV spectrometry, a very safe and precise detection, identification and classification is given about chemical substances. The system then becomes cost-effective and can become the standardized solution that other technologies have not been able to become. GC-UV has a number of advantages over other technologies.

GC-UV spirometer