3D efficient software for chemical analysis

Labio Medical's 3D software has more advantages than traditional 2D readings for chemical analysis. The software is easy to use and no complex training is required to understand what the result will be. The software is AI-based and provides analysis and data in real-time. 

The software makes it easy to perform chemical analysis. It makes it possible to efficiently read a reference library. Hidden chemical signatures are made visible through 360 degrees. All data is stored and can be extracted by one person which performs the chemical analysis. In this way, results can be directly recorded or used as a receipt for the chemical analysis carried out. The software completes a report on the various measurement values ​​for the chemical just completed the analysis.

Several advantages with 3D software

Get automated reports of the chemical analysis

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Easy readings
User-friendly and a plug-and-play solution
Automated report
CAS numbers in 3D