Effective drug development by our analytical method GC-UV

Reducing time-to-market by innovative advancements in Chromatography

Pharmaceutical companies need analytical methods that could shorten the time-to-market for developing new drugs. Isomers are compounds with identical chemical formulae, but with different structures. Isomerism is very important in clinical pharmacology and pharmacotherapeutics. Drug isomerism has opened a new era of drug development. Identifying structural isomers helps pharmaceutical companies produce safer and more effective drug alternatives as well as new drugs. Many existing drugs have switched from racemic mixture to one of its isomers. Separating racemic mixtures into their respective enantiomers takes extra time, money and energy for the pharmaceutical industry meaning new innovative technologies would reduce the time to market. 

The need of our GC-UV technology in medicinal chemistry. 

The GC-UV method could be used to characterize leading candidate compounds that will be used in drug development and so see its pharmaceutical ingredients (API). The method could be used in clinical trials for its abilities to separate components and identify any impurities. 

Our patented GC-UV technology is a game-changer in the process and method development of drug developments in the pharmaceutical production and the stability of the pharmaceutical. The sensitivities are very high in identification limits, detection limits and classification limits. The method is suitable for the identification of structural isomers. Selective analysis can be carried out for most chemical classes. 

Making a change

We at Labio Medical want to give new and better conditions for drug development where our know-how in chromatography and our IP-rights matters. Our primary focus is to be able to detect and diagnose diseases with the help of our partners but also making better precision medicine and follow-up through our technology and method.