Technology for several industries

Chromatography is an analytical technique used for separating a mixture of chemical substances into its individual components used in analytical chemistry. Through a Swedish innovation, gas chromatography can be combined with UV spectrometry. By using these combined technologies, qualitative biochemical analysis can be performed. The technology have been improved and the aim is to develop the system so it can be used for medical diagnostics.

The GC-UV technology have been performing in several academic studies where complex samples containing drug substances, peptides, proteins, carbohydrates and pesticides have been studied.

A lot of VOCs that are biomarkers for different severe diseases have its peak within the UV spectral wavelength. With our technology the analysis can show these biomarkers. The system can be remote, cost-effective, light and compact which enables a reliable point-of-care option. 

By implementing and evaluate this technology to be used as a standard method for breath analysis, will revolutionize medical diagnostics. Every chemical substance has it own footprint and combination and therefore they can be analysed by gas chromatography. The system will also enable better data collection from the patients through the software which will be used in the rehabilitation and follow-up.