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Rapid chemical analysis and point-of-care diagnostics can help reduce the cost of healthcare by enabling early detection of symptoms and diseases.

Diagnosis before symptoms

When our cells work, they create different kinds of gases. Some of these gases are released when we breathe out. By studying these gases in our breath, we can tell if someone is healthy or not.  Differences in VOC levels between individuals who are healthy and those who are ill can serve as biomarkers for various types of diseases.

Innovative Platform and Diagnostics Kit

Complementing the platform, Labio Medical crafts user-friendly diagnostic kits. These kits includes ergonomic breath masks and intuitive interfaces, facilitating effortless breath sample collection.

Gamechanging Treatments

In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, Labio Medical is at the forefront of pioneering advancements that empower enhanced treatments and personalized precision medicine. Our commitment to innovation is reshaping the way we approach medical care, leading to more effective outcomes and improved patient well-being.


One exhaled breath, or 250-500mL of exhaled air is enough to be able to determine the gas concentration in your breath. 

Press Releases

Labio Medical AB continous development of handheld ChromBreath breathsampler with help of MSc. students from Chalmers University of Technology

Labio is at the final stage of developing a universal handheld breathsampler, that can collect breath from all ages and used in medical diagnostics of +20 diseases.

2023-08-11 | Non regulatory

Labio Medical AB identifies VOC biomarkers for Lung Cancer

Labio Medical has identified VOC biomarkers for lung cancer, a disease that is more complex for medical diagnosis.

2023-07-16 | Non regulatory

Labio Medical AB identifies VOC biomarkers for Diabetes-1 and Diabetes-2

Exhaled breath analysis has shown potential for identifying certain VOC biomarkers that could be associated with diabetes type 1 and type 2.

2023-07-01 | Non regulatory